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Twelve Months before your Wedding

12 month checklist for planning a wedding

Did you inform your parents and immediate family of your wedding plans?

Schedule your actual wedding date!

Choose your venue, church, golf and country club, hall, park, backyard, etc.

Set your budget and stick to it!

How many people do you (or can you) invite based on your budget.

Compare various venues, narrow your choices and then…

Reserve your venue!

Choose your Master of Ceremonies

Meet and book your Wedding Officiant

Choose and book Wedding Planner

Create a preliminary guest list

Discuss types of music, what suits best for which part of the ceremony and reception

Do you want a DJ, Band, Harpist, etc.? Meet, decide and book!

Meet and book photographer or videographer

Book your florist

Decide on your wedding party, maid of honour and best man, ring bearer, flower girls, junior bride’s maids and ask if they are willing to do so

Decide on who you want as your witnesses

Discuss and decide on mode of transportation, cars, limos, horse and buggy, antique cars, etc.

Get wedding insurance (in case of illness, venue fire, etc.).

Six Months before Your Wedding

Shop for your dream wedding dress and accessories

Check possible honeymoon destinations

Reserve a bridal suite for your wedding night

Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guest (make sure you have a contract)!

Notify your employer to book your vacation time

Double check with your Photographer, Videographer, Wedding Officiant, DJ, Band, etc.,

Three Months before Your Wedding

Decide on wedding colours, ensure wedding party’s dresses and suits are what you want

Register with stores and identify items of interest making things so much easier for your guests

Meet with your wedding Officiant to discuss type of ceremony!  You decide it is your day!

Book your honeymoon

Make your final guest list

Order invitations send them eight weeks in advance

Decide on wedding favours

Purchase your wedding rings

Make sure your passport is valid

Depending on your honeymoon you may need immunization

Purchase special gifts for your bridal party (don’t forget about the MC)

Finalize wedding program and get these printed


Six Weeks before Your Wedding


Obtain your Marriage licence (not before 90 days)!

Make a final list of your wedding guests

Schedule rehearsal

Confirm the number of guests with your venue

Keep an accurate list of wedding presents received and from whom

Meet with your florist and decide on flowers, corsages, delivery, etc.,

Finalize seating arrangements

Decide on who will carry the rings (if you have a young ring bearer purchase a small pillow with ‘fake’ rings). DO NOT give him/her the real rings!


Three Weeks before Your Wedding


Meet with Wedding Officiant, provide him/her with Wedding Licence, and sign off on ceremony

Purchase Guest Book with pens

Finalize travel arrangements

Confirm with hotel how many rooms have been booked

Schedule appointment with beautician and hairdresser

Final fitting for wedding dress, similar for bridal party

Schedule appointment with bakery to finalize options for wedding cake

Note, you may get a surprise wedding shower, bachelor party, etc.,


One Week before Your Wedding


Write speech for your wedding

Complete rehearsal

Final check on everything, program, hotel, travel, documents, pack your bags, etc.,


One Day before Your Wedding

Make sure you have final payments ready (cash or cheques) for your Officiant, DJ, Band, Florist, etc. Go to bed early, relax and try to get a good night’s rest.

 Wedding Day




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