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Brides and Grooms should not have to share their wedding day.

Most if not all Wedding Officiants accept more than one wedding per day. Typically two or three are the industry norm.

Of course this can create significant headaches. For example, if the start of your wedding ceremony runs a bit late (as most do) and the Officiant has another commitment immediately afterwards, he/she may decide to leave and return later, or shorten your ceremony.

This is the last thing you want to happen and/or have to worry about on the biggest day of your lives.

The majority of Wedding Officiants even have a clause to ‘help them get out of these situations’ make sure you read the fine print!!

I believe that someone who is passionate about what he/she does will not do this. Yet the majority of Officiants do exactly that.

Exceptional Service:

In order to provide you with exceptional service and an awesome moment to remember, I only accept one wedding per day (Silver Gold, and Platinum Packages). My services include:

  • No obligation introductory meeting (via Zoom, Skype/FaceTime)
  • One in person meeting
  • Walk-Thru rehearsal if so desired (via Zoom/FaceTime, etc,).
  • On site in person rehearsal (additional cost applies)
  • No limit on number of guests
  • Skillfully officiating your ceremony
  • Include your guests in a meaningful way
  • A personal hand crafted ceremony …or …
  • Create your own ceremony utilizing Client Portal
  • Exclusive access to Client Portal of my website (includes ceremony template and vast resources library)
  • Special Elements can be added to any ceremony such as: Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Wine Bottle Love Letter Ceremony, Hand Fasting Ceremony, etc., etc.,
  • Ongoing communication and planning to create your ceremony your way!
  • Unlimited consultations, phone, email, FaceTime, or Skype
  • Travel to the ceremony venue (first 20 km one way is free after which a 40 cents return per km charge applies)
  • Arrive 40 minutes prior to ceremony start time to go over any last minute details.
  • Stay 15 minutes after the ceremony for questions
  • Introduce myself to your DJ, Videographer, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Venue Coordinator to ensure your ceremony will go exactly as planned
  • Back-up officiant in an unlikely case of illness
  • Register the Marriage by filing the completed and signed marriage license to the office of the registrar general.
  • Beautiful picture framed keepsake wedding memento
  • Continued after wedding support to answer your questions
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Bottom line:

Be absolutely sure that your officiant has a passion for your wedding celebration and is not someone to whom it’s just another wedding


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