Bride Wedding Speeches: Components of a Great Wedding Speech

One question often raised by brides is, how do I go about writing my wedding speech? ‘What should I include in my speech?’ I always suggest, keep it simple, don’t stress, be yourself and speak from your heart. To be sure one should take some time to reflect as to what should be included (or not).

Following are some tips you may want to consider when writing your wedding speech.
1) An Opening Line
2) Offering thanks to family and friends with emphasis on those who participated most at the wedding
3) Words of appreciation about your parents (that should not be too difficult)
4) Something nice about the groom’s parents
5) Maybe some observations about the wedding
6) Something romantic and wonderful about your new husband
7) Some sort of closing or bride’s toast

As always don’t stress!! The people present are there because they love you and want to support you. They are not there to judge you on your speech!!

Have a wonder-filled Marriage

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