Following please find some ideas you may want to use for your speech as father of the bride (simply substitute daughter, name, etc.)

Welcome all the guests, on behalf of your wife and yourself.

Thank them for coming to help you celebrate the wedding of your daughter.

Allow me to share a few things about my daughter

As all fathers think about their daughter so my daughter will always be my princess!

The one thing we love most about our daughter is her sunny disposition, always seeing the good in everything and everyone. At times putting me to shame, as I would have said enough! My daughter simply continues to give…. refusing to give up on people … always seeing the good in everyone.

The beauty is she does all this without expecting anything in return.

She is loyal to a fault, loving and loved, she is kind and has a wonderful sense of humour, she is respectful and respected, giving, artistic, hard-working a good listener … and as we all know an even better talker.

We always told her ‘Name’ you are truly unique and special’ sometimes we said this in a teasing way but beyond doubt that makes her who she is.

Name, you have grown into a wonderful beautiful young woman who today (together with new husband) embarks on a very exciting new chapter in your life. Name, never ever lose your uniqueness, don’t ever change do continue to see the good and beauty in everything and everyone. Always be and continue to be that bright shining star!
Ladies and Gentlemen ‘A toast to my daughter:’

Name was and is a beautiful gift from God. My wife and I will always be so very grateful to have been given the honour and privilege of being her parents.

May God continue to bless her and her new husband Name, (Name) you’re already part of our family and today we officially welcome you as our son and love you as such, our door is always open for you). May God grant Name and Name safety, love and happiness all the days of their lives.

(Please raise your glass with me as together we toast (Name) and (Name)

Have a wonderfilled Wedding Day!

Rev. Rudy Heezen

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