Beautiful Music for Your Special Day

Rev. Rudy M.T. S. Toronto Wedding Officiant

We’ve all heard and listened to wedding music some good and some well, let’s just say, not such ‘easy listening.’ How do you choose the music and songs that appeal to you both?

Rev. Rudy’s 10 Tips!

1.       Think of the times when music is required.

The Prelude (welcoming your guests when they’re being seated)

The Processional (the run or crawl J to the altar, arbour, podium, etc)

During the ceremony (if you so decide)

During the signing

The Recessional (at the conclusion of the ceremony)

The First Dance

The Dance with Bride and her Father (if applicable)

The Dance with Groom and his Mother (if applicable)

The Cutting of the Wedding Cake

The Dancing and Party!

2.       Think back to when you first met!

For example, did you meet during a particular song? Maybe you attended a concert that really touched you? Or perhaps there is some music that has always been very special to you? Write down all the songs that come to mind, no matter their genre! Maybe one of you prefers classical and contemporary, while the other likes rock, alternative, new age, etc. It really comes down to personal choice and taste! Never forget ‘It is Your Special Day!’ 

3.       Check your CD and DVD collection.

A boring or rainy day can be put to good use to determine what music appeals to you as bride and groom. What works and what not. Perhaps the groom likes jazz, soul or pop, while the bride prefers classical or just hip-electro music? You probably need to compromise! Better get used to it as you’ll gain lots of experience when you’re married. J Try to find out which songs you both like. I am sure you’ll find some similarities and tastes appealing to each of you. You probably have to give a little as there may be a song one of you loves while the other does not, or vice versa. That’s alright it is a good means to some show grace to one another.  

4.       Consider the theme and venue of your wedding.

A wedding on the beach or resort requires very different songs and/or music than a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, banquet hall, ballroom, etc. In other words, choose songs and music that fit the theme, venue as well as the time during the ceremony.

5.       Ask your guests

Be considerate of your guests. A typical wedding has people from all ages, backgrounds, faiths, culture, tastes, etc. Why not simply ask them what music they like to hear and/or dance to? Make a list of all the songs and music and hand these to your DJ or Band. Another good source of information can be friends or family who recently may have attended a wedding. Of course it goes without saying your DJ has a wealth of information at his or her fingertips let alone a lot of experience. Tap into this (after all that is what you are paying him/her for).

6.       Consider your budget.

Unless you have an unlimited budget and money is no object, most likely you will not book a well known national or international star or band. The majority of couple’s budgets simply do not allow for such luxury (if you’re the exception rather than the rule, please do not forget about the officiant, namely yours trulyJ). Always check what your budget allows before you start looking or booking suitable musicians for your wedding. For example, a DJ is often less expensive than a good band or professionally trained musicians.

7.       Check out the bands, DJ, or whomever you decide on.

Ask your friends, your venue for recommendations and request references from the musicians, DJ or band you’re considering.

8.       ‘Test Drive’ or in other words, listen to their music especially ‘live performers’ to determine if they really are what you’re looking for.

Don’t book unless you’ve heard their music, preferably music that was recorded ‘Live!’ Inform them what you’re expecting. You’re the customer. You want to be sure the choice you are making is the right one. You only get one shot at this, don’t settle for second best!

9.       Make a list of artists, music and songs you would like to hear and above all, songs that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to hear!

10.   Paper!

Finally get everything in writing. It won’t be the first time (and sadly not the last) that a band or DJ cancels at the last moment just before the biggest day of your lives. One more reason to not cheap out but go with a reputable company! Know their names and confirm the venue, time, costs, extra’s etc. Have a signed Agreement with penalties for non compliance.  Ask for a back up just in case something happens an emergency number, etc.

If you follow these guidelines you will have a wonderful and stress free wedding! Enjoy the music, dance until the stars come out or the sun rises! Above all have fun!

Have a wonder-filled Wedding Day!

Rev. Rudy

P. 905-668-8994

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