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A personal view on interfaith marriages

Following please find some personal views based on my experiences having had the privilege of performing hundreds of wedding ceremonies.

I’ve had the honour to unite people in marriage from every conceivable background, tradition, culture and faith.

At times couples are of the same faith while on other occasions their faiths are from totally different perspectives.

I am a Christian, on the other hand, I have learned that all people no matter their beliefs, traditions, cultures or faiths ultimately are all united by one common denominator namely Love!

If you’d asked me twenty years ago about uniting couples from different religions, sexual orientation, etc, you would have received a totally different answer, along the lines of ‘black is black and white is white’ and ‘sorry there is no room for ambiguity or grey.’

Today, my views are very much different. Many within in my own faith may even call me a heretic. So be it.

I don’t know if it is because my views have changed and continue to evolve, or I am simply becoming more aware of God’s grace.

I have met too many people, Muslim, Jews, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Same Sex, etc, to simply brush them aside with a simplistic answer: ‘my way or the highway.’

Most people I’ve had the honour to unite in marriage, long and search for the same, namely God’s love!

My faith is simple (it works for me). We are all God’s children! I may call Him God while you may call Him Allah, I may believe in Jesus, while you believe in the Prophet Mohammed. While others call God as they know Him by a Name as they know Him to be.

Too often, Christians jump to the conclusion pointing out to ‘their correct way’ or ‘my way is the only way’ then choosing a specific text from the Bible to support their stance.

Personally, I believe this is an affront to God’s Grace! We are all God’s children no matter our creed, faith, culture, tradition, sexual orientation, etc.

I know these beliefs will probably get me in ‘hot water’ with the Christian community – so be it!

If as Christians we truly believe that God is Love (as stated in the Scriptures) can we therefore not deduct that where Love is, God is present too? And as such we are to treat each human being as our brother and sister belonging to God’s family?

Just because we travel different paths does not mean we are lost!

Some Christian groups espouse to the belief of limited grace. In other words some are chosen while others are not! What a twisted view of a loving God! Can you imagine a parent choosing between his children and say, you are mine and sorry you are not!

I have not read the entire Quran but I have used passages in interfaith marriages (Christians and Muslims). I have met too many people from the Muslim faith to simply brush them off as unbelievers. They are God fearing, loving people who love God (Allah) with all of their hearts.

It is a sad commentary that we so easily condemn a religion based on a small number of extremists. This is no different than in Christian circles. God knows there are some right wing extremists in the Christian faith as well. Why don’t we apply the same standards?

I can write many more pages but let me conclude with a passage from the last book in the Bible. It is called the book of Revelation.

In Chapter 21, we are shown a vision of heaven. Without going into details, it describes heaven as a beautiful place, shaped as a perfect cube 2200 kilometres (high, wide and depth). I know one can’t take this literally but to me it speaks to God’s grace!

A city the size from Toronto to Florida (a perfect cube), can you now see God’s amazing Grace! There is room for many, many people, from every race, culture, faith, tradition, etc.

Furthermore the city has twelve gates. Could this not mean that people from different perspectives, faiths, cultures and traditions can enter this city called heaven?

Each person seeking and worshipping the same God with the utmost desire to live their lives to please him according to His principles, entering heaven through a different gate?

I am so grateful God looks at our hearts and not by our denominational or faith tags!

Worship God, Allah, with all you heart, mind and soul … and leave the rest to Him.

God is Love and He loves each of His children unconditionally.

Don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Have a Wonder-Filled Wedding!

Rev. Rudy Heezen

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