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logo Toronto Wedding OfficiantToronto Wedding Officiant and Marriage Counsellor sole purpose is to serve you, laying the foundation for a good and solid marriage.

A successful marriage can be one of the greatest experiences of life. What’s interesting is that those partnerships that last are not without its challenges or conflict. It’s how couple handle conflict that separates long and fruitful marriages from those that last five years or less.

Happily married for over 44 plus years, holding a Masters Degree in Theology, Rev. Rudy understands the critical factors that positively influence relationships. With marital counselling, he closely listens, sharing his wisdom on how to get the most out of a relationship while avoiding the traps which can damage a marriage.

For those planning a wedding or marriage, Rev. Rudy is well suited to provide genuine advice. Couples who may benefit from pre-marital and/or marriage counselling include those considering engagement, are engaged, about to be married, or have a commitment.

It is also helpful to couples who just got married but have not had pre-marital counselling. Pre-marital, marriage, marital counselling can benefit couples marrying for the first time as well as those who have been married for a while.

Is pre-marital counselling necessary? Well in the end it really is your choice. Consider this: With the divorce rates at about 50% it is important to learn the skills necessary to give your relationship the chance it deserves to make it last.

Research shows that couples who pursue pre-marital counselling significantly reduce their risk of divorce, in addition to a considerably higher level of marital satisfaction.

Many couples share how they’d wished to have opted for good pre-marital counselling before their marriage.

Sessions (couples and/or one-one-one) are conducted at Rev. Rudy’s comfortable Whitby office.

Fee $100.00 is based on a minimum 2.0 hours.

Rev. Rudy whole hardheartedly reaches out to every person regardless of faith, race, culture, sexual orientation

Rev. Rudy

Marital Counseling and Toronto Wedding Officiant

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