Often times I am asked: “Rudy prior to our wedding ceremony can we have a meet and greet meeting so we can decide to either proceed yea/nay?” The answer is an absolute yes! Then they go on to say: “We checked with some other officiants and they either do not offer to meet – prior to  booking – and/or they charge a fee.”

My reply simply is: ‘Whether you choose me or someone else as your officiant, you must be absolutely certain you’ve made the right choice.’ It is the most important day of your lives.’

If the person who is such an integral part of your day either does not want to meet, charge to meet and/or you don’t feel comfortable with him/her, then these are all red flags to simply say, ‘No’ and to walk away.

You should not have to pay to meet and you should not be pressured into making a snap decision. Read reviews, ask questions and be comfortable with your choice.

Have a wonder-filled wedding

P.S. Rev. Rudy offers a free introduction meeting at his Whitby office. No obligations whatsoever.

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