Renewal of Vows:

Recently I received an email asking the following:

Question: ‘My parents will soon be married 50 years. My siblings and I want to surprise them with a special renewal of vows marriage ceremony in honour of this amazing mile-stone! Where can I go to accomplish this and how does it work?’

Answer: ‘This is a wonderful idea and something your parents will appreciate and treasure always, not to mention the wonderful gift of love you, your brothers and sisters will be giving them.

I’ve had the pleasure to perform many renewals of vows ceremonies. I typically schedule a meeting with all parties (brothers and sisters) of course not the parents!

At such time, we’d discuss how they had met, where they got married, work history, basically a trip through memory lane.

Based on this, I write a personalized renewal of vows marriage ceremony.

Subsequently you select the venue where you want the ceremony to take place. It could be a nice restaurant, hotel or a place that has a special meaning to them.
You can invite family members, friends, old neighbours, etc., etc.

Of course you’d want your parents to be aware you’ll be taking them for a nice dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary, without telling them of the actual renewal of vows ceremony.

On the actual date, I arrive about 30 minutes prior to the renewal of vows ceremony. I usually wear a suit and tie but can wear full clerical garb if so requested.

On completion of the actual ceremony your parents and two witnesses sign a beautiful marriage certificate they can treasure forever.’

Have a wonder-filled renewal of vows ceremony!


Rev. Rudy Heezen

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