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Retainer – Refund

Is my retainer refundable? This has become an almost daily topic of conversation in the wake of COVD-19.

Many weddings are either being postponed or cancelled altogether with some couples requesting for their retainer to be refunded.

When booking a wedding the retainer payment to the Officiant is a percentage of the overall service fee and in my case, this fee is not refundable, but it is completely transferable to another date and time.

The retainer payment covers the time the Officiant took discussing your wedding plans, determining which ceremony to create for you, (in my case) access to my website library, etc.

It also retains your date and time, which means it pays for your date and time and prevents any other couple from booking that date and time.

COVID-19 has caused a tremendous amount of weddings to be rescheduled to either late 2020, 2021 or even 2022.

Other couples decided to ‘just make things legal’ for now (couple and two witnesses) while having the reception at a later date.

Rest assured I will always – if at all possible – do my utmost to accommodate your new date.

Some officiants charge increased fees for rescheduling – especially if it is during the 2021 or 2022 prime season

You have my absolute commitment I will NEVER do this.

This is a challenging time for each of us and if I can make this just a little less stressful for you then that’s the least I can do

Above all stay safe and healthy as ultimately that is what’s most important!!



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