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Following some ideas for planning your same sex wedding ceremony.

1.Select a location that is safe gay and lesbian friendly. Choose what type of wedding venue you would like to have. There are many choices such as: town hall/civic centre ceremonies, or ceremonies outside with the surrounding beauty of nature, your home, back-yard, park, etc.

2.Select your wedding-officiant. It goes without saying someone who totally supports you!

3.Apply for and obtain a marriage license from your local town officials. Make sure you have all of your personal identification ready to show them. You will need a birth certificate or passport and one other piece of photo identification.

4. Consider and choose the type of decorations you will want for your wedding. Get in touch with same sex friendly wedding planners in the area and ask them about available options.

5. Send out invitations to all of your friends and family that support you in your marriage. Get ready for the big day by getting your suits or dresses rented or purchased beforehand to avoid stress.

6. Write your vows to one another. You can write straight from the heart or get someone professional to help you write yours, but with your personal touch.

7. Above everything else .. enjoy your wedding day and surround yourself with love.

Everyone is equal under the law and under God. We are all God’s children! He loves each of us unconditionally! Don’t let anyone tell you any different!

I would be honoured to perform your same sex ceremony and be part of your special day!

Have a wonder-filled Wedding Day


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