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Wedding Ceremony Writing

Wedding ceremony writing can be challenging with brides and grooms often finding it very stressful.

At times they have an idea of what they want and  cut and pasted a rough draft from sample ceremonies they have found on line, in magazines, or in books.

They simply need someone to put it all together in a logistical and meaningful way and perhaps add some personalized touches.

Handcrafted Ceremony

Some couples still prefer to place the entire writing process in my hands.

I may interview them in a face to face meeting, Zoom, telephone or Skype consultation.

I subsequently send a draft of their personalized hand crafted ceremony. We subsequently fine tune the ceremony ensuring it is absolutely perfect.

On occasion I have been retained to write a single element in a wedding. The couple has a fantastic idea for a ritual they would like to create using symbols that are personally meaningful to them…but it doesn’t yet exist.


Prices for writing a ceremony, or portions of a ceremony, depend upon the amount of work involved. The writing fee is quoted and billed up front. No hidden or added costs are added.

Sometime ago, I thought there has to be an additional means to include not only the above noted but also reach out to couples wanting to write their own wedding ceremonies.

I created a portion of my website specifically for this reason. It offers a wedding ceremony template and vast resource wedding library for almost every occasion, tradition, etc., etc.

This allows couples to write their own ceremony (of course I am always available to edit, provide additional ideas if needed and edit their ceremony. The end result being ‘the perfect ceremony’ created just for them.

Brides and Grooms love this!

Whether you use my officiating services or not, I would be honoured and write your ceremony.

Have a wonder filled wedding

Rev. Rudy


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