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A great question I am often asked: ‘Rudy how much should I expect to pay for a Wedding Officiant?’


Allow me to use the analogy of buying a car. You can purchase a very basic car and it will get you from A to B but it offers nom extras.

Of course if for whatever reason that’s your decision, by all means opt for the  basic package.

But remember you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a Cadillac if you’re only willing to pay the minimum amount.


On the other hand, since this after all is the most important day in your life, you want to ensure you select the right Officiant.

A person you feel a personal connection with, someone who has experience, energy and able to engage not only you, but also your guests.


Check his or her reviews oftentimes these can be found on websites such as Google or www.weddingwire.com 

If you cannot find any reviews nor receive the answers you’re looking for, you should ask the question: “why not?”


Does he/she offer an initial no obligation meeting either via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc., etc.?

After booking are there additional meeting(s) offered at no cost?

Is there a protected client portal allowing you to personally build your ceremony? Or if so desired will your Officiant handcraft your ceremony based on discussions.

Remember in the end it is your day, you must be totally comfortable with your choice, and if not keep searching!

Wedding Day:

Ask, how many other weddings he/she does on a given day or more importantly your day? Most officiants schedule two or three weddings on a given Saturday or Sunday.

My objective is to provide a stress free wedding combined with exceptional service! It is sole the reason why I only accept one wedding per day!


As for cost? I believe a good way of analyzing is to look at your overall wedding budget.

Let’s say your wedding budget is $25,000.00 and the Officiant’s fee inclusive taxes is $475.00 or with a rehearsal $575.00 inclusive taxes (not counting mileage which would be in addition). 

This works out to be about 2.0 percent of your overall budget.

Certainly a minuscule amount compared to your overall wedding budget.

Book the right person for your special day!

Isn’t it worth hiring the right Officiant for the biggest day of your life and arguably the most important part of your wedding day?

So how much should you expect to pay for a Wedding Officiant?’ The above noted should at the very least provide you with some guidance.

Don’t skimp on the Officiant for the sake of a few dollars and be sorry afterwards! It is just not worth it!

Have a wonder-filled Wedding

Rev. Rudy H. Heezen M.T.S.

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