Wedding Officiant Cost Toronto

Oftentimes I am asked: ‘Rudy how much should I expect to pay for a Wedding Officiant in Toronto?’

That is a great question – but as in most things in life – less does not necessarily equal good.

Allow me to use the analogy of buying a car. You can purchase a very economical car that will do the basic job – but it has no bells and whistles.

Of course if for whatever reason that is your choice, by all means opt for the  basic package. But remember you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a Cadillac if you’re only paying for a very basic car.

On the other hand, since this after all is the most important day in your life, you want to ensure you select the right Officiant. A person you feel a connection with, a person who has energy and  who is able to engage not only you, but also your guests.

Check his or her credentials, references often these can be found on independent websites such as

These will provide you with an excellent overview of various choices you can make. If you cannot find any reviews then you should ask yourself (or the officiant) the question: “why not?”

As for cost? I believe a good way of analyzing, is to look at your overall wedding budget. Let’s say your wedding budget is $25,000.00 and the Officiant’s fee inclusive taxes  = $325.00 or with a rehearsal $450.00 that only works out to be less than 2.0 percent of your overall budget.

This is a minuscule amount compared to your overall wedding budget. It is well worth hiring the right person for the biggest day in your life!

Don’t skimp on the Officiant for the sake of a few dollars and be sorry afterwards! It is just not worth it!

Have a wonder-filled Wedding

Rev. Rudy H. Heezen M.T.S.

Wedding Officiant Toronto

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