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Rehearsal before your special day!

Just like any major production, your wedding ceremony will need a trial run to make sure things go smoothly. The day before your wedding, your officiant will want to arrange for a wedding rehearsal at your ceremony location. Think of it like a dress rehearsal without the dress. Your wedding rehearsal is your chance to make sure your wedding party knows all of their duties, such as who seats who and where, where everyone stands, the order the bridesmaids will walk down the aisle, etc. If you’ve decided to include kids in your wedding party, it’s important that they attend the rehearsal as well.

Who’s invited?

Your wedding rehearsal should only be for the people who are in your wedding-party and the bride and groom’s parents. Out-of-town guests and close family members may want to sit in on the rehearsal, but suggest other activities for them during your trial run – you want to be focused and make sure you understand what your role is too! Invite eager guests to the rehearsal party, held after you’ve got business out of the way, but try to keep the actual rehearsal just for the wedding party.


Usually, wedding rehearsals are held the evening before your wedding-ceremony or if your venue is booked then a day or two prior. Try not to have your rehearsal too far before your wedding. You don’t want to forget the details of the ceremony while you’re busy making other wedding arrangements! It’s a good idea to keep the rehearsal as close to your actual wedding day as possible if you have wedding party members coming from other towns. Be considered of your wedding party and reduce the number of trips and arrangements they have to make.

What happens?

During your wedding rehearsal, your officiant will guide you through the ceremony and explain everyone’s roles. Even though you’ve probably been to a few weddings yourself, every service is different and any personal touches you’re adding to the ceremony should be tried out ahead of time. Keep in mind that this might be the first wedding some of your attendants have been a part of. Mention to them ahead of time that they’ll need to be available for the rehearsal.

Once you’ve taken care of business, it’s time to celebrate! Get your wedding party together, along with any other special guests and head off to your rehearsal party – your time to unwind before the big day.

Have a wonder-filled wedding-day

Rev. Rudy Heezen

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