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What is Marriage?

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. To a great degree this is true, as marriage it is a special bond shared between two souls, tying the knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime.

Note: This is true in both ‘traditional marriage relationships’ as it is in ‘same gender marriages’. Each one of us as human beings is loved unconditionally and equally by a loving God who DOES NOT discriminate! Don’t let anyone tell you different!

It is the physical, mental and spiritual unison of two souls. It brings stability and substance to human relationships, which is otherwise incomplete.

The institution of marriage is beneficial to the society as a whole, because it is the foundation of the family, which in turn is the fundamental building block of the society.

While the concept of marriage remains the same across the globe, the way of solemnizing it differs extensively. Different laws have been formulated to legalize the ceremony, which proves to be an important turning point in one’s life.

Apart from the laws of marriage, the rituals during the ceremony at times differ, primarily due to lifestyle, culture, tradition and religious beliefs.

The key to any successful marriage is love, understanding, mutual respect, trust, commitment and togetherness.

If you build your marriage on the above you truly will ‘live happily ever after.’

Have a wonder-filled Marriage

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