Winter weddings

Sometimes winter wedding ceremonies get a ‘unfair’ rap. Negative comments about weather, venues (outside) etc.

Yet winter weddings do have some great positives. Venues are often less expensive in the winter. With winter weddings you’re probably less likely to run into trouble finding a venue for your wedding date.

On the other hand, winter weddings can be a bit challenging, so there are things you’ll need to take into account.


You’ll need to keep the weather in mind. Check with your venue or church to make sure the building is warm and cozy before your ceremony or reception starts. There’s nothing worse than your guests not being able to concentrate because they’re freezing cold!

Similarly, if you have a long list of guests you want in your photographs – and you want those pictures taken outside – keep in mind that not everyone will be happy while freezing their buns off. Depending on location, you’ll have to make it quick if you want your folks not to turn white and/or blue from the cold.


Winter colour schemes can be beautiful, but the season does lend itself to different pairings compared to summer weddings, stay with muted, peachy pinks or dusty greens, so to stay away from the “Frozen” look.


Flowers in the winter are more expensive or not possible to get during the winter. But be creative, talk to your florist about what is available and within your budget. Greenery lends itself well to winter weddings, and small green branches can be very attractive (and inexpensive!) as are centre pieces. Use lots of candles for ambiance. Winter weddings with a bit of planning and creativity can be spectacular!

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