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10: Tips how to writing your own wedding vows

The Wedding Vow is an expression of your love to and for your partner.

It would be nice if you could write your vows yourself, that is, if you feel comfortable doing so. Your guests would be impressed. They may have attended a lot of wedding ceremonies, hearing the same or similar wedding vows over and over again. You want them to be engaged throughout the ceremony and what a glorious opportunity to accomplish this by writing your own vows.

 Consult before you write

Make sure you can use your own wedding vows before your write. There is no point spending much time and effort writing your wedding vows only to find that you cannot use them on your wedding day! Therefore you should ask your minister, pastor, imam, rabbi, priest, officiant, etc. Most if not all have no issues whatsoever with you writing your own vows. In fact they may encourage you to do so after all it is Your Special day!

Be true to yourself

The most touching vow is a vow written from your heart. It is meaningless to make up fake stories. And the truth is that the wedding is for you and your partner. You’re not there to impress anybody it is not a poetic contest. It is your vow to your partner. It is important to share your true feeling in the vow, be honest, sincere and true to yourself!

Back to the past

You might recall some old memories, perhaps someone helped introduced you.

Do not be too personal

Your wedding vow is certainly personal. However, it should not be too personal otherwise your guests may feel like an outsider and perhaps a little embarrassed.

Agreements with your partner

You can discuss with your partner the contents of your wedding vows. If you decide to write the wedding vows separately, make sure the length of them is about the same.

Be humorous, be real!

The wedding vow does not need not to be too formal. It is fine to write your wedding vows with a sense of humour. Be true to yourself. What is important? You’re showing your commitment and love for your partner in a public way!

Be brief

Do not make the wedding vow too long. It is important to keep it brief and accurate so that your guests can and will be engaged as you’re reciting your vows

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice your wedding vows before your big day! Practice makes perfect. You will find it more enjoyable and you feel confident.

Safety measures

There is no harm in taking safety measures. Write them on a cue card. So even if you forget some lines, you can refer to your notes.

Do not stress!

Your vows are another milestone in your journey in life together. The commitment is already there. Relax and be yourself.

Have a wonder-filled Wedding Day!

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