At times I am asked: ‘Rudy, what is and/or are Funeral Homes, Funeral Services, Committal Services, Grave Side Services, Eulogies, and what are Celebrants, Celebration of Life and Ordained Ministers and/or Reverends?

Celebrants, Celebration of Life, Ordained Ministers and/or Reverends are trained and certified to help individuals and families plan and present personalized memorial, celebration of life, eulogies and funeral services at funeral homes and committal and grave side ceremonies.

As a Celebrant and Ordained Non Denominational Minister, I have had the honour and privilege to reach out to many people and families regardless of race, faith (or none) culture, sexual orientation, etc.

I act as a facilitator, am an attentive, respectful and sensitive interviewer and a creative writer.

I am a professional public speaker, and act as a loss and grief educator, and ceremonial leader in this role.

As a member of the Clergy a strict Code of Ethics binds me to maintain confidentiality in my work with individuals and families.

Celebrants are creative, alternative, ceremonial leaders. They are an excellent choice for those who wanting to honour the life of a deceased loved one through participatory end-of-life rituals and ceremonies. Services that may or may not be religious in nature nevertheless are both deeply moving and meaningful for those who are bereaved.

Why Have Celebrants?

An increasing number of Canadians are ‘non-religious’ meaning they do not belong to a specific church or denomination. They define their spirituality in different ways. A funeral, memorial or celebration of life service reflecting an individual’s lifestyle and personality, often mirrors his or her spiritual nature.

Friends and family may wish to participate in the planning and presentation of a personalized end of life ceremony yet are uncertain and/or uncomfortable to publicly speak about death and loss and/or present the eulogy.

A frequent comment after a Funeral Celebrant service is: ‘it was very meaningful, spiritual and precisely what our loved one would have wanted.’

A Celebrant is a person who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. They serve by providing a funeral service that is personalized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased.

What Does a Celebrant Offer?

The Celebrant offers an alternative to a service provided by a clergy person for those families not affiliated with a specific church and/or who do not wish to have a traditional religious funeral service.

As an ordained Minister I am able to offer both, that is to provide service as a Celebrant or Clergy. I reach out and embrace everyone without prejudice!

The Celebrant or Clergy is trained to design a service that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs, and experiences that defined the loved one.

I always schedule a special “Family Time” meeting allowing the family to share memories, anecdotes and defining moments of their loved one’s life. The essence of the service will be based upon the remembrances of the family. Both and family and friends will be encouraged (if they feel comfortable) to participate.

As your Celebrant I have a library of resources available for readings, music, ceremonies, and personal touches. I will consult with the family assisting them to personalize the different parts of the service reflecting their loved one.

Where does a family find a Celebrant?

Most funeral homes will be able to put you in contact with a Celebrant or simply ask for Rev. Rudy Heezen

What are your fees?

I spend approximately 10 hours in between meeting with the family, preparation for a memorial service or funeral, etc.

Usually the fee is taken care of by the funeral home,

Please contact me 24/7 for further information.


What geographical areas do I travel to?

Oshawa, Whitby, Durham Region, Toronto, GTA


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